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Hey Motherfuckers'

Alright, I just joined this shit because that's exactly how I feel. As of late I'm so sick of walking into a show and seeing everyone flashing their hands brightly done up with big black x's and moshing it up because they're "cool as fuck." Sure hardcore dancing has those moments of were it impresses me and others where I want to slap them. I'm sick of getting nasty looks because I'm not edge, I LIKE having an occasional drink thank you very much. I don't do drugs, I don't smoke and I dont fuck around with random people. SO FUCK OFF. But no, let's continue with this bullshit of getting in my face. The worse is probably the xtrue till deathx, that irritates me more than ANY OTHER. How many kids actually last that long under the "edge"? Not that many. Christ. By saying that you've almost guranteed yourself to a moment of hypocrasy...who the hell does that on purpose? Christ, think before x'ing, PLEASE.

I must admit watching them sell out is very amusing though. Or when they claim to be edge as fuck yet they're motherfucking sluts. I've become angry with almost edge kids, it's hard to have respect for them. Many of my friends are edge, yet many others have exiled me from thier friendship because I won't put on the "x". FUCK IT.

I've decided "z" is now the anti-OBNOXIOUS everything. INCLUDING any obnoxious edge kids. So next time you see one of those anoying fuckers with their x'd up hands and they decide to get in your face, just z'ed it up, do a bad gorilla and take a swig of vodka and you're set for life.
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