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New to the Crew

Super cool dudes!
I just joined!
I'm Vegan-Straight-Edge and I think you guys are red hot!
Hey, lets start a new community. We can call it "Anyone who believes in something sucks ass and we don't suck ass" or "Fuck people for being themselves".
We can beat up and make fun of people who have X's, people who wear crosses, people who are jewish, who else, um,oh wait gee whiz guys this is pretty discriminating, huh.
well thats the whole idea of this community I guess. Although I have met some closed minded sXe people, I wouldn't lump everyone in the same category.
But, of course if you want to stay ignorant,prejudice,hateful,etc.. thats cool too.
Keep on speaking your minds! Hate those different from you!
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