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This is the biggest problem I have with straight edge.

Why define yourself by what your not? When I tell people what movies I like I don’t give them a list of the movies I hate, I tell them about what movies and film makers I enjoy, similarly, when I tell people what kind of person I am it doesn't matter that I don’t like drugs or drinking. And why should it matter unless they are asking me specifically about my views of drugs and drinking? When someone asks I’ll tell them about the person I am, not the person I don't want to be.

One the other hand there are people who need to belong to a group in order to get the help they need (just look at AA). As long as being sxe is about helping yourself, not about how other people see you, then I’m fine with it. But as soon as it becomes about being part of a group, and not about being an individual who made a life choice, it becomes meaningless.
I know one person who is sxe. She does it, not because she wants to be clean, but because she wants people to think she used to do drugs, even though she didn’t. Too many people like that could ruin even a good social movement.

BtW, I really like this community, minus the name calling and lude comments. To many anti-sxe communities are full of people who don't like sxe just because they like to do drugs and drink.
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